A 27 year old, New Zealand born graphite artist, is a recent graduate of Massey University's College of Creative Arts. It was in her first year of her Graphic Design (Hon) degree that she discovered her exceptional talent and has since quickly gathered a following.

Her work can be described as monochromatic, highly detailed works of art which have been displayed in a number of exhibitions in the Wellington region.

Focusing on various subjects that appeal to her, she works studiously to create these photo realistic pieces. Her initial works were varied as she explored her gift and challenged herself to discover the extent of her new found abilities.

Her next collection will be more focused on her interpretation of matters that she strongly believes in. She intends to create art that's not only pleasing to the eye but also stimulates conversation and encourages the audience to think about the issues raised in each individual piece.

Melinda Chapman

Melinda Chapman
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